Last change timing belt @97K. Car now has 226K.

what is the cost of replacing the timing belt

Recent rains left water in front floor. more on passenger side. No evidence of any leaks any where other than water in ron area. Checked sunroof drain etc. Nothing found.

showing p0125, p0171, p1135, p1155
one has been showing for 4 years not sure which one but engine lite has been on that time. I cant afford to replace all the above sensors... is there one that is more critical than the others for gas mileage? Car is used just for short trips to village and church and occasional trip of 150 or so miles. Even with the little use it starts and runs perfectly. any suggestions? thanks for your help.

belt are there any other belts that i need to replace to get rid of this embarrassing noise? It sometimes makes the noise a few minutes after i start the car. it sound like its a belt issue but i don't know what to do...

car stalled out but it started ten mn later

at about 5 to 10 mph when the brakes are applied on dry pavement the abs vibrates through the pedal

a transmission shift kit fits on the valve body of the transmission with smaller passages to promote more fluid pressure

pause at initially pressing the accelerator, gas milage is poor... should be 21-22 in town and hiway now is 16

Light came on while driving.

Whenevereer I turn car on, there is a sound coming from behind center instrument console. Sounds is like a switch trying to turn on, or more like CD changer shuffling CDs. However, I removed CD unit.

A/C fan is always running high. I cannot change fan speed.

Was told the engine computer needed replacement.

The lower (foot-level) AC/heat vents and most of the defrost vents have completely stopped working. I still get plenty of air from the main vents, but it only blows from there, regardless of the fan settings.

When I lock or unlock the car non-manually, some doors respond and others do not. The driver's side door is particularly inconsistent.