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and now its blowing cold air from both sides when the heater is on
Front rotors resurfaced at 123k car currently has 127kk
I never heard of it. But other then that the car is fine.
Mechanic advised me that my right front wheelbearings need to be replaced. I can hear grinding while driving.
Any ideas on what this could be........... loose connection or do I have to replace unit (very costly).
How do I replace the steering column tilt motor
My rear air ride shocks are stuck in the fully expanded mode and the car sits like a dragster and rides like its doing wheel hops on the street.it is vertually not driveable.is the module the usual suspect?
how do you remove the driver side front inner door panel?
My car used to start immediately when I turned the ignition key. Now I almost always need to do it a second time to get the engine going. Is this the beginning of a problem with the battery, starter, neutral stafety s...
The steering wheel is frozen and I can't the key will not turn to start the car. The car is in park and my foot is on the brake when I try to start it. I have tried to jiggle the steering wheel but nothing has worked
How do you remove the door panel ?
traction off with engine light on-where is srnsor located and to replacr