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I had valve cover gaskets replaced what else could it be?
I changed the actuator and closed the door. Now I can't get it open.
The temperature gauge went high while my car was standing on with Ac On for a while. i checked both the fans were working. so what shall i do ?
Is the serpentine belt the same thing as the drive belt?
The car gave no indication of trouble, slow start or hard to start, before this.
I keep up with oil and tires, did fuel injector cleaner 4 months ago, but haven't done a tune up in a while, what should I consider in the tune up, spark plugs, another fuel injection clean? raidiator flush? what else...
Is the Lexus LS 430 known to have motor problems
Inserted a car seat and stroller in trunk of my 2003 LEXUS LS 430. The trunk is now jammed and I cannot unlock it with the key, interior unlock near the steering wheel or the inside latch on the trunk.
I need to remove the passenger side rear seat belt because my wife's dog ate it.
Can I change the a/c filter and is it easy to locate?
I replaced my battery and now my CD player, volume, and radio will not function. How do I reset this feature
my driver side door won't open from the inside how do I fix this
I was told I had a small leak in water pump