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when I turn on headlights on sometime only one come on sometime botj
Since about a year after the car was new, a foul odor appears when the heater comes on. Tried changing Cabin Filters, spraying a lemon deodorizer into vents, dealer has did there fresh air treatment a # of times, I du...
the car was put on a home code reader to shut off engine light. when the reader was removed engine light was off and then this problem with the vsc lights appeared. help how can I reset it.
The VSC light won't go off when I press the button. Nor will the cruise control engage when I press it
The system is in general working OK but the Front Nearside sensor is continuously showing the red bar. Can I fix this or can it just be ignored?
Looking at two Lexus LS 430s both are now 12+ years old, both under 45,000 miles. Neither has had timing belt changed. Opinion/Experience: Does the belt need to be changed due to age and possible hardening of rubbe...
When adjusting level of A/C flow, touch screen buttons will not always change when touched. Also, adjust clock is problem. Is not recognizing touch. This has just started. Will it quit completely? Is it expensi...