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it does not get any speed nor power its driving me nuts mechanic is telling me that its the coil conector on harness coming from car's ecm
First of all, the car sounds like it has a super aggressive cam in it at idle and actually shuts off at times and when it does, it's as if it isn't getting enough fuel bc you have to hold down the gas while cranking i...
If I turn A/C off then back on it will work for a little while until I have to repeat.
I know is got to do with the evap system, but i dont know where to begin from
i know i dontis related to the evap system, but i dont know where to begin from.
was diagnosed as causing catastrophic misfire
I was rotating tires and went to put tire back on, when i did the rotor pulled out and felt like the only thing holding it back was the caliper. is there suppose to be play in the rotor like that?
need help fixing these codes cant pass inspection to save my life!!!
I cant really explain the noise but its more of a rattle and clicking sound. What could this be? it seems to occur at random and more often in the summer months.
I can start my car and back it out of garage, but notice a clicking sound to the motor when it's running. When I step on the gas pedal, there is no reving sound. I can smell either gas or rubber or something as well. ...
when i change my alternator my is300 started to shake n stutter when im coming to a stop and my check engine and trac light came on
driving around town this week the engine started running rough when at stoplights and idling. It was fine when driving and accelerating then yesterday when I got a stop light it felt like the engine wanted to die and ...
I noticed it going one way and not on the way back or when I went out again. When I went to the same place a few hours later, heard it again. No flat tires noted, nothing hanging. Had the bearings fixed a few months ...