When I turn off the light in the night time and turn back on, light turns on, but it may go off anytime again. I feel the problem is with switch or computer programming.

the car has all the books and records from lexus. The check engine light, and traction control light, also ABS and check hybrid system light all came on it was fine one day and did this the next. The key would not work at first so i finally got it to the lexus store and they said it needed a key to tell what it actually needed and $400.00 dollars later told me it needed a Hybrid battery almost $7,000. I can't afford that please help

this rattle goes away after a 10 to 20 seconds and everything is fine , i was told that it might be the petrol pump ?? when the oil pressure is up the rattle goes away ??? has anyone else had this problem ?? its hard to diagnose because the rattle is only present for a short time after starting the car in the morning.

The remote won't unlock door and the key won't unlock door the key turns both ways. the hazard lights flash intermittently as well, the key will unlock the boot.