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so I cant listen to anything through my stereo unless I switch the headlights off
When the default indicator is active, the vehicle looses power, won't accelerate, and looses traction when I turn a curve.
Just had 60k checkup although only had 55k miles on it. Nothing found. Now at 59k, found I need new catalytic converter, y pipe, and there is no after market parts yet. Was told by Lexus dealer warranty ran out at ...
I just bought a used 2007 gs 350 and I noticed when I start the car a very light grey smoke from thr exhaust as well as black soot inside the left exhaust and wet black fluid(oil?) in the right exhaust. Car run great ...
both headlight comes on when I turn one the light and when I start driving the left light goes out. Have changed the headlight hoping that would sovle the problem Still happens with the new one) Sometimes the electri...
I believe 20k service includes, oil change, tire rotation, brake and fluid level checks
how many miles should brakes pads last