2000 Lexus GS300 Questions

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It does not want to shift gears

What years interchange with 2000 Lexus gs300

Had lost key but got another 1 made by locksmith

I did change computer main box and reset completed but sucurity light still on how can i do it to turn it off or cut it off

The check engine light comes on and will go off after a day or two

2000 Lexus GS300. After 2 new tires put on the rear with the 2 fronts having decent tread left on them (About 30-35% on them) my car feels like its floating while on the highway. Hard to explain but it feels like there's no grip to the road with the whole car but especially with the steering, she sways a lot on highway and can easily be over corrected. ( over steered, try to straighten out after being over to far). I did research on the tires after realizing this problem. There are Hercules all season. I forget the numbers but shouldn't matter. Anyone heard of this just because a tire change. It also pulls hard to the right. HELP ME

When I disconnected the battery and reconnected the battery the car started to stall when I press on the gas. What could be cause of this.

Pump is working. Sprayed a little stater fluid runs cuts out..

Im getting code pO301&p0306.I changed all plugs wires& ignition coils email is

Im getting code pO301&p0306.I changed all plugs wires& ignition coils

Need help p0301& p0306 changed all plugs wires & ignition coils

The noises usually starts a couple minutes after the car is started. At first it was only at low speeds but now it's at higher speeds also. Only happens when i accelerate, but there is also a clunking noise like something is loose when i go over speed bumps or bumpy roads. I took it in to the mechanic and he said it was the control arms, which he replaced, and when that didn't fix it he said it was pinging due to bad gas. I've put 5 tanks of premium gas in and i used an engine cleaner but the problem persists. It's been happening for about 3 months.

The clock also went out too. I had the fuses checked and I was told they are all fine. what else could be wrong? Especially if it was working fine. The