1999 Lexus GS300 Questions

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The mechanic shop say it's #5,but don't know why they just dry it out and say it's running fine now

Repair information

How do you. greese balljoint

Exhaust has been leaking at the mid pipe& the exhaust sounds like a go cart

About the hestitation am having while coming to a complete stop when begin to start driving it slows down then with a thump sound will continue togo when starting for the first time if you run the car for about half hour to hour it may run well

If you let it warm up for about a hour or more you won't have a problem what's going on? This happens everytime time you stsrt the car it thumps with hesitation to drive

I don't think the problem is my battery because when I turn my key, my dashboard lights, and radio comes on. That would also mean that my alternator is charging the battery ok. And my car doesn't make any kind of clicking noise when I turn my key so I don't think its my starter. When I turn my key to crank the car, the times it doesn't crank right away just turns to a dead silence until I get it to crank. Someone had mentioned it possibly being a cylinoid switch. Does that make any sense? Any idea how much that would cost? It that something built into my starter?

Have a 12.5 volt draw with key off and altranator not hooked up

Altrnator is not hooked up

Was advised that I need to replace the valve timing gear; it's leaking oil. How much should this cost? Thank you.