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The engine and radio shut off normally, but windows and sun roof still operate if i push switches and steering wheel doesnt adjust up. Will this use battery over night if I am not in car and door is shut?
when the car starts it run perfect then just stalls out like I turned the key off? there are no codes being stored in the ecm!
My car goes constantly up and down like this when i accelerate, as if it is changing gears back and forth.. what coulld be wrong?
Called shop they wanted near $500 to replace the sensor. Went to local repair shop, he disconnected battery got me a new gas cap and advised to make sure you place cap on secure (like turning well past it starts clic...
Ive also replaced brake switch,the door settings for the seats dont eork
purchased my Lexus in 2002 w/79,000 miles owned for 10 yrs. now 239000 miles later same engine light vcs vcs off light stays on 2008 i replaced 2 pistons spark plug that kept had moisture. but problem catalytic conve...
brakes hard to mash down. no scrubbing nor squaeking noise.I need to find a answer quick. Can this be fix without taking it to shop? been this way for 3 days non stop.
send this info to my email tyroneadderlet@43live.com need to know how timing my car belt
should the engine be running and warm when checking the fluid level in tranmission, if so my level is just visable on dipstick 1/4 0f an inch, do you think I need to top it up very carefully????
tire still good but fender was damaged during tow - How can this happen? Just bought car 6 months ago 120k miles- 3 indicator lights came on as incident happened- never had this happen with any other car...how do you ...