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this problem I have last 2 week
but when i accelarate a little and hold for a minute the idling continues,what is the solution to this problem. hope you can help me thank's a lot
The history is i change the transmission was not working and it takes time to wait for spares about a month so when this fix the battery was dead and i put new,and when i park the car it keeps that sound always on, ...
My 1996 lexus GS300 cruise control not working and no display for cruise control on the dashboard, airbag light always on, AND HORN ALSO NOT WORKING.
Hello sir thanks for the respond.this is what I had to do today sunday 02/05/2012 I pulled the transmission pan and filter out I found inside the filter shreded plastic it looked like clear plastic. So I cleaned the f...
Under a load when driving you hear a sound like ruving or va va va va sound but with hi pitch sound....
Sorry left out its the REAR control arm on both sides. The long bolt attached to the spindle needs to be remove in order to remove the REAR control ARM on the 1996 lexus ES 300.
Need to remove control arm long bolt from the spindle. It seems to be eigther pressed in or just needs to be bang out. I'm afraid of ruin bolt if bang out. Please advise any suggestions to remove this bolt. We to remo...
wheres the location of cam shaft sensor or just replace crankshaft sensor
will the engine from a 2002 swap without issues?
When u put the car in gear it doesnt move . It was drivin before but not no more. Is it a vaccume problem.