Leaking Gaskets May Allow Water into Tail Light Assembly on Honda Accord

Leaking gaskets around the tail lights can allow water entry into the tail light assembly. New gaskets should fix this concern.

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Average mileage: 149,872 (20,000–284,000)
15 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2012, 2014
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problem details
1998 Honda Accord 70,000 mi,
Water had leaked into drivers side rear brake light so I ended up using some caulking to seal it up
1999 Honda Accord 129,000 mi,
Water leaking into both tail light housings. Passenger side is minor, driver's side fills about one third full with water and empties into trunk when trunk lid is opened. Probably just run a thin film of silicone caulking around tail light assembly, less cost and hassle than replacing gaskets.
2000 Honda Accord 120,000 mi,
Driver side tail light assembly fills with water. When the trunk is opened, the water pours out through the lamp socket into the trunk. I took the tail light assembly off the car and filled it with water. The water leaks out through the top edge between the lens and the black plastic body. A bead of silicone sealant along that top edge should fix the issue. Otherwise I'll need purchase a whole new assembly since the lens and black plastic body are glued together.
1991 Honda Accord 197,652 mi,
gasket leaked around lights replaces gaskets working fine now
2001 Honda Accord 284,000 mi,
I have the same problem. Water getting into the Passenger Tail Light and leaking into truck. Now, my taillight is filled with mold. I am thinking with all the people that have reported this problem, Honda should have had a recall on this part. Hope to get my fixed or replaced soon, at my own expense.
2012 Honda Accord 20,000 mi,
water leaking into tail light
Water leaking into trunk for at least 8 years,was a small slow leak,now it floods
2009 Honda Accord 100,000 mi,
We had an issue that when it rained, the trunk would get so wet, it would seep into the back seat. We took it to several shops and they couldn't find the problem. We found that there was a seal on the tail light that was gone and that was where the water was getting in. Finding that gasket/seal is next to impossible to do on your own. I won't pay a tech $60 an hour to discern that I was correct and then give me a $10 part to fix.
1998 Honda Accord 260,000 mi,
Tail light seal had to be replaced
1992 Honda Accord 94,500 mi,
Gasket at tail lights leaks terribly. The design channels most of the water from the back of the car into the trunk around the tail lights.
1998 Honda Accord 135,000 mi,
After/during rain, water drips into trunk lid, leaks when opened. Condensation in tail light assembly.
leaky gasket around taillight
1999 Honda Accord 280,000 mi,
passenger side tail light fill up with water and leaks into trunk. driver side tail light leaked abot a hundred k mile earlier, had to buy compleat tail light assy. to repair leak,(and they are kind of spendy)
2014 Honda Accord 32,500 mi,
Acura MDX. Per dealership, both gaskets were pinched. Had to replace one entire assembly because of mold. Replaced gaskets on both. Car was still under warranty.
In 2014 drivers side floor was soaked with water. Took it to dealership and they side there was debris they blow out. I believe it was from the sunroof not sure. Its now 2016 my trunk was filled with water. Took it to the dealership. They said there was a foot of water. The spare tired was so rusted out that they had to break the bolt to get it out. They said it was debris and they did say it was from the sunroof. They said they cleaned all four chambers. They kept it a couple of days to dry it out. Well its a 1 1/2 week since and guess what the trunk is wet again. I am so tired of this. This really should have been recalled.
1991 Honda Accord 212,000 mi,
It's the seal around the brake lights mainly the passenger side
2002 Honda Accord 197,000 mi,
tail light leaks
2001 Honda Accord 170,700 mi,
My right brake light fills with water and leaks when trunk is opened.My sun roof leaks also and I bought this car used.
1990 Honda Accord 152,000 mi,
Every time it rains or snow melts my back drivers side back light has about a pint of water in it,i took looked at everything yet this occurs all the time.Bob Colo.
1998 Honda Accord 125,000 mi,
Drivers side of brake light assembly holds water then leaks all over the trunk