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2006 kia spectra5 Both handles pull but you can tell that the inside of the handle has a piece broken off. Im still able to open the doors with an "L" wrench. Do i just need a new door handle or the whole outside ass...
it leaks when i try to fill it up it's either from the hose or the tank and the only way to get to it is you have to take the fender off
i taken the car door panel off but where do i go from there i don't have a spec sheet on what to do next i have heard you have to take the window out and i do have power windows and locks
I can feel a couple of relays in the fuse panel clicking much like turn signal flashers
For example, when I am stopped at a light, the A/C will start blowing warm air and in Arizona in hte summer, it gets to hot in that short amount of time. I get it recharged every year but this does not fix the issue....
could it be the oil pump or something else please help.
Can't remove washer tubing because of hood brace, no room for fingers. Rodents chewed (we live in mountains) tubing and I need to replace left side.
Happens most of the time accelerating normally form stop to running speed. The car lurches and hesitates for an instant. The car runs great otherwise.
I bought the car in the summer and didn't have any problems. Now that it is winter, I have problems with the radio. If I leave the radio on when I turn the car off and it gets cold during the night,the radio will be b...
When do I change the timing belt?
When I go to crank car, sometimes it struggles turning over. I took it to autozone and they first tested the battery and told me it was bad. I was relieved replaced the battery hoping that solved the problem. It di...
My daughter's car gets to second gear, then the rpm's will go to "6" and catch to shift to 3rd sometimes. It is only occassionally...maybe 5-6 times a week. What could be the problem?
I just bought the car from a dealer, and I didnt saw that the head lights doenst work, I try replacing the fuse and also the bulb but it doesnt work anyway.