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after i replaced brake light one week after the passenger side headlight bulb went out then after replacing i went thru a car wash and the driver side headlight bulb went out the same day
Car has less than 37,000 miles. Maintained great. Only problem I have ever had. Changed sensor 2 times. Replaces with Bosh. any help. Bill
resurfaced the flywheel ready to install need to know the specs on he flywheel and pressure plate
The fan for the heater and the AC does not work unless I hit a bump in the road; then they come on. I have had to replace my headlamps monthly since May. I am no longer buying good headlamps, starting this month, b/c ...
Where is the best place to buy an affordable solenoid and transmission control part? Below are the codes and description I was given by someone at Advanced Auto Parts: Code: P0760 - Shift Solenoid C Malfunction Co...
Please help me with this code. I am trying to find someone that will assist me in detail with the repair associated.
Was driving 2008 Spectra5 (79k miles) when car stalled, lost power, electric, brakes, everything. Check engine light came on. I pulled to side and restarted. Now everything is fine. Mechanic checked computer, but ...
Cd player works great, but radio plays with volume low and static.Tore out the radio, and no visible issues, even antenna is not loose. No burnt fuse. What could this be.
Took off center console to see if anything was disconnected, as well as antenna. I have had no radio for 3 years.
how can i let pressure off the system low pressure side
My car today while driving started to stall and when on expressway it does not want to go over a certain speed or it will start to jerk as if it wants to cut of I dont have any problems putting it into gear
You must bump cord under dash on passenger side in order for it to come on or you hit a bump in the street. When it is on cools great same with the heat. Was doing this for a couple of months now today it want come on...