After minor front end damage, the key will not shut off completely, and key is stuck in the ignition, which is causing the clock to stay lit, and afraid the battery will die. Is there any way to lock the ignition, and remove key??? The car will not lock as long as the key is in the on position with key fob!

when driving the pedal sticks and sometimes have trouble stopping

Often on my 2008 Kia Spectra the air only blows
when I bang on the compressor. I've already clean
the filter and checked out the compressor it seems
to be working great when I put it back together
shortly after the same problem is there.

It won't pass emissions I replaced the o2sensor throttle body mission sensor and the iac
And drove it 500 miles and still won't go online

after i replaced brake light one week after the passenger side headlight bulb went out then after replacing i went thru a car wash and the driver side
headlight bulb went out the same day

Car has less than 37,000 miles. Maintained great. Only problem I have ever had.

Changed sensor 2 times. Replaces with Bosh.

any help.


resurfaced the flywheel ready to install need to know the specs on he flywheel and pressure plate

The fan for the heater and the AC does not work unless I hit a bump in the road; then they come on. I have had to replace my headlamps monthly since May. I am no longer buying good headlamps, starting this month, b/c I cannot afford to pay $22/light/month.

Where is the best place to buy an affordable solenoid and transmission control part? Below are the codes and description I was given by someone at Advanced Auto Parts:

Code: P0760 - Shift Solenoid C Malfunction
Code: P0700 - Transmission Control System (MIL Request)

Thanks so much!