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I have a 07 Kia spectrum that when I start it up at night an turn on my headlights an put it in drive the car won't go but it will go in reverse with headlights on
It is very annoying, doesnt madder if I hit the lock button on the door or on the remote it makes a very loud buzzing/grinding noise.
car idles but when you shift it, it has no power to move
Starter keeps going after i turn the key on this is the third starter i have put on
Car ran hot and shut itself off. Replaced the radiator and thermastat, gave car a boost, car crunk up with boost no problem. Drove car about a mile and a half to get gas and it drove great, turned car off while pumpin...
My left turn signal only works if u do it manually an my hazard lights don't work either!! The fuses are fine!
I can be driving and all of a sudden the car loses power I get to the side and then she is good to go again...I need help for I do a lot of highway driving
Where do I find the clutch assembly and will this clutch assembly fix the problem?
Lost power in for my fob, dome lights, radio, dash clock and TPMS system. Door locks only work with key on. No fuses blown. Problem occurred over night one day. Replaced the battery because I've heard of issues li...
Where is the alternator located on my 2007 Kia Spectra? Thank you.
This just happened today. Also the check engine light just came on 2 days ago.
my drivers side door will not open from the inside.