In what whole do I put engine oil (10/w 40) in on my Kia spectra 2006 vehicle

I had the keys just checked and there okay what else could be wrong with it

at time drive great fluid level read full only when cold.

The oil light comes on when it gets hot and goes out when raise the rpm what could this be.I've gotten a new oil pump,I've got new rod bearing and before that the car ran really hot.couldn't drive it home had to tow that is when I started having problems with the oil delivery problem.

The mechanic changed the sensor and the cluster still not working

Checked all fuses, good
Changed relay behind driver rear tire in trunk,
Pulled out motor slight burn smell but have had really high temps so about normal
Not getting any light from tester in and of the lead outs, on pig tail with relay or in pig tail for motor. Please I need help.

It never fails to crank back up. I make a 30 minjte drive to work and it cuts off twice before i can make it to work.

I cannot find where the canister close valve is on my 06 Kia Spectra?

I installed a timing belt, and it came off causing catastrophic damage to the valves(no excuse for interference engine Kia!) now I have replaced the valves and the timing belt, but it keeps moving off of the gears. Why?

While taking off or even driving the transmission will sometimes drive, I could be traveling at 50 miles per hour and all of a sudden it starts dragging and it backs down to below 20 mph, after a couple minutes it kicks back into speed. I believe this is very dangerous and it scares me. I have giving it a synthetic oil change, full tune up and replaced two expensive senors. Nothing has worked and the shop that I deal with said the diagnostis check shows no more codes. I am at my witts end and am not sure what else I can do to fix the problem. It seems like I have put more noney into it then the money I spent at the dealership to buy it. Could you please give me some more options that are not so much of guess work? The check engine light stays on.