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When I'm backing out or pulling in while the wheel is turned, it's extremley hard to turn and it jerks a little bit. No noise, and power steering fluid is full. Also when I'm going between 65 and 70 the wheel shakes p...
husband uses blow dryer on steering column and it seems to speed up the process
The canister vent valve leaks fule and make the car stalls and I don't know why.
would like to do a system flush. I heard that it was not good thing to do. need to know which line is the return line.
My boyfriend has a 2005 Kia Spectra EX and it making a 3 beep noise off and on as he is driving?
MY passenger back side door closed one day and now won't open. We have tried locking and unlocking and pushing on it. Can NOT get it to open any more. Dealerships REFUSE to fix it. Auto repairs want a fortune to tak...
The emergency brake light check right by the speedometer recently just started to show up. Usually it goes off after i push the e-brakes down, but now its on constantly. The normal brakes are fine, and it looks like t...
wen I push in gas rpm rev hjgh and car is barely moving also it will idle in first and second gear without dieing. I cant even pop the clutch if I wanted to its like there is no clutch the only thing it good for at t...
I don't know what else to do, can't see inside the car at night very agitated about this. Went quirk kia and they said hr rate is $100 when I asked about my dome light. thank you whoever answer's
Is this a big job or can it be a DIY job. The car seems to almost stall at times then starts to run well again in a moment.Plugs have been changed and fuel cleaner added to gas
It mainly happens when I slow down or stop n go or sometime when I pick up speed