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my car leaked out all antifreeze and overheated in frigid temps. smoke out of resovouir. poured in antifreeze in radiator cap and was able to make it home with no smoke. i drove for 5 miles no heat. smoked on the 4th ...
I have a check engine light that stays on. The scanner is saying one code P0501=(vehicle speed sensor) .I have replaced the speed sensor on top of the transmission. Light has been on for 3 months. When i cleared the c...
Only when you barely mash the gas pedal
can't open door from inside. outside handle still works. I'm guessing the inside door linkage has slipped off or broken off the release mechanism. anyone have this happen to them?
diagnostic codes p0732,p0765,p1529
Where is the main fuse to crank a 2004 kia spectra?
While driving I turned a corner and my car went dead. No lights, horn, ect.
When driving the above problems occur. If cruise is on, it will shut off. Sometimes you have to try several time before it starts. Acts as if battery is dead. But then it will start. All this symptoms happen sometim...
Check engine light codes are 420 and 455.Problem gets worse as car engine temp reaches normal.
To get into the car i have to hold the key in the unlock position and the pull the handle. When on the inside you have to hold it in the unlock position and then lift the handle while its still in the unlock position....
put key in and turn it and nothing....happens