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remove & replace 3rd brake light
My heat does not get hot.My antifreeze is fine.How much about will it cost?
The transmission fluid just blows out the dipstick tube and when I add more it all blows back out
my son's car sat for a bit and didnt have a gas cap on. After repair to wheel bearing my son went to start it and I told him to let it just idle for a bit to get oil flow back from sitting. It started right up and r...
I found one used automatic transmition from a Kia Spectra 2004
this is the first time this happen. had it plugged up to the computer and said cam sensor, changed it but still wont start. the car is getting fuel and sparks. can anyone please help
down to a crawl during this time the powersteering also shut down.
I need to know how to remove the old one first.
sqeeking noise when i turn my heater on.And sometimes when i am driving
the lighter socket in my kia spectra has no power. there is also no dome light coming on
my kia has no power and most of the time struggles to get up to 30 mph. belt squeals and battery does not seem to have alot of juice. changed plugs, changed oil, checked all vacuum lines, does not loose water, no oil...