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The items i have changes this far are as follows: fuel filter air filter plugs gaped .028-.032 plug wires coil 4 fuel injectors TPS Crank Shaft Sensor Timing belt and bearings I not only have changed all ...
I have already changed the both transmission sylinoids. It is an automatic.
when the care become hote the voice will go,i use some material for cleaning the valve system but the problem still there
check engine light code- fuel level sensor, misfire on cylinder 2
started off about once a week, but now has gotten more frequent. the dash warning light goes off when it is added but it's using more and more now. I do not see a leak on the ground however.
leaks cconstantly where is it and is it a do it yourself repair
If my timing belt broke while I was driving 25mph is the engine ruined,or can I just replace the timing belt again.
are there any places in tampa that will help customers pay the bill by providing payment plans?
my 2002 kia spectra starts and runs good but when I come to a stop sign it starts shaking and idling rough idles normal in neutral or park
i got a smoke coming out from the bottom of my car but is not leaking from oil its the anti freeze and also the radiator have a cap so theres something like to much pressure
leaking break fluid down the front of the master cylinder
Category: rpe Subject: It lights up the dashboard to indicate D Technician: no Owner: -- Details -- I have a Kia shuma automatic transmission 2000 model.It lights up the dashboard to indicate D and We stuck ...