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Software update- things are going haywire. Tmps came on for 1 day now off. Lighter never worked, now does. Inside lights wont come on when opening driver slider but do when passenger slider opens. Wth is up?
I bought this 2011 Sedona after seeing it had great reviews for dependability. Although just below freezing Temps the Teo manual slide doors freeze everytime! So frustrating! Kids have to climb in front driver seat t...
The problem usually occurs at night. Nothing left on. I am having problems with the left sliding door. It happen both in hot weather and cold weather.The other day the wife took it to work cam out 4 hours later and th...
The on/off button, volume, and seek buttons still work. However, the presets no longer work, the scan button does not work, and the treble/bass, fade, balance, etc. do not work.