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brackets are available on the market: ref# 921324D000 (or 96552L). Is it possible to only change this part? thanks rfbak
The entertainment player starts when I turn on the car and doesn't stop after the car is turned off for about 10 minutes. This just started- can you tell me how to turn it off please- 08 sedona
Axles / carrier bearing / Trans. and motor mounts were replaced . Wheels and tires were checked and are ok . It has been in the KIA service for three weeks in May . Four weeks in June . Two weeks so far this month and...
Cruise control will not work during this time, ESC light stays on.
Just had car working at first but not now the other sliding door is working.
Just need to know if it has a timing belt or timing chain
Vehicle carries a brand new trans., whole valves case was replaced and did not make a change at all. It burned two computers already. Local Kia dealer engineers decide to replace the van to the original owner instead...
the doors will open manualy. Also sometimes you can hear the motor and the door will rattle in place.But no movement. Fuses, etc are good.
The car has been with the dealership for a month. Picking it up today. Is there anything I should be asking or how do I know if it is a new engine they replaced it with.
Can this be repaired. Car was running fine but light won't go off. Code P0016 and P0018.
Been to the dealer twice now. Still not fixed. What do I do?
I was riding down the road this morning and my brake, battery, ABS, and ESC off light came on. They all went off and then just the battery and brake light would go on and off every few minutes. What could this mean?...