ESP is lighting on and bragk stop is not lighting

Air conditioning works fine on driver's side.

this exact sedona had a recall for the front and rear arm (something) still same noise and my warrrantee s done

While driving it just slips into neutral..I would like to know the approximate cost to fix the problem..
I can feel that it doesnt click into neural or drive...

My Ac is not working I check the gas is empty I want fill it up

No matter what,when or where I am I lose power steering when it rains. The battery, brake, check engine light and oil light comes on on my dash and I can't do anything but press the break and even then it's hard to push down on break. The Sedona never shuts off but I lose all control of the car. I've taken it to the dealership I bought it at and because they didn't have proof or it didn't happen while they had my car they said they can't do anything because they don't know exactly what happens. I guess my word isn't good enough for them. There is no way this normal. It's happened many times but there has been 2 times that I almost caused an accident because I lost all control of my car. If anyone could help me out I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

brackets are available on the market: ref# 921324D000 (or 96552L). Is it possible to only change this part?

The entertainment player starts when I turn on the car and doesn't stop after the car is turned off for about 10 minutes. This just started- can you tell me how to turn it off please- 08 sedona

Axles / carrier bearing / Trans. and motor mounts were replaced . Wheels and tires were checked and are ok . It has been in the KIA service for three weeks in May . Four weeks in June . Two weeks so far this month and nothing they have done fixed it . The only thing they have not done was replaced the trans. It started as a very slight vibration felt on the right side . It now is so bad it rattles things in the glove box .