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at stops or cold start will ramp up speed
I had a battery supplier look up requirement and he said I needed a 500CCA per OE, but I had a air bag light come on and the dealer looked at battery and said I should have a 700CCA. Who is correct?
van starts shaking ans smell turn off and let set for a bit then drive again dose not do it all the time
what could be problem
Got 2006 Kia Sedona inspected on Friday, hit with a bill for $745 to replace right front wheel bearing and a new batter because of problem with frequent non-start of van. Saturday morning, started van, backing out of...
I am not sure if it is one of the two side struts or the single one. The motor works fine. I might be able to fix it myself but if not, any idea of the cost?
When the temperature outside is moderately cold the van will display the check engine light along with the traction control light and not allow throttle inputs. I have to turn the vehicle off and on, then it will be o...
The stripping is located on the liftgate door itself not on the body. Can a replacment be bought and what is the name of part. Leaking when it rains. Causing the storage area to get wet.
have a engine nooise and want to verify that the tensioner bearing is the problem
these lights just come on but i dont know what they are
The kia dealership said our problem may be the PCM. What is a PCM?
Need to replace ignition coils and don't know the firing order.
My airbag light is on again. Can I disconnect the battery to turn it off. What has to be reset?
The power steering pump on our 2006 Sedona kia van is making a lot of noise and needs replacing we have the new pump but need to down load a manual or something on how to remove and replace it can't really afford 179....