the mechanic says he doesn't know whats wrong with it, its getting fuel just wont start.

125000 miles don't know what to do

Ive located the high port, no problem, but I've not located the low port.

My husband took the battery out last night to replace the battery and now the alarm keeps going off when he connects the battery and it won't start and the alarm will only go off if he unhooks the battery. How do we get it to shut off so the van will start.

Exactly where is it located, are there more than one does the timing cover top come off or the whole cover must come off?

It leaks out when in drive

van stalled and wont start. battery is fine and so is starter.

The van ran fine , all at once it didn't want to start . I replaced plugs and wires and coil pack. The problem with the van not starting , I bought a new battery ran great for a day . Then dead again. The abs light and brake light comes on the van dies and won't start back.

wait 18 minutes sometimes stops while driving

i drove my van to the store less then a mile away park at home an hour later get in the van to do errands turn the switch and nothing happens no noise or anything all the lights come on but still nothing i never had this problem before but of course i did purchase it use with one owner i did exactly put on 20,000 miles on it from the purchase date in february 2015