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was given a Ford key fob that looks identical to the Kia fob that should have come with my car. Can I reprogram it to work on my car and if so, how?
Now codes p0446 and p0431 pop up and car over heats..
I have a 2003 kia sedona minivan, and something is causing my battery to drain and die overnight. I've checked the alternator and it's fine, it's a fairly new battery, and I'm 100 percent sure nothing is being left on...
How difficult of a job would this be to change the crankshaft sensor?
squeel was not bad when it first started now once heat turned on it starts i have to shut off heat and take foot off gas to make it stop
I have had them replaced 4 times and several sets of tires and now it has happened again... I have had them replaced by several shops however, no one can tell me why I am having to replace them so often. Even when I h...
Seems as though fuel pump not getting current might be an electrical shortage somewhere since the fuel fuse keep burning out each time I replace it. How do I find out where the problem is?
Replace timing belt put vehicle back together and ran for a few minutes. It ran out of gas. Put more gas in it and then it started blowing the 15 amp fuel injector fuse. Rechecked all to make sure everything replace...
My gear shift is lock and windows or sunroof won't work. Why?
when making a right turn a dinging sound starts sounds like when the drivers door is open with key in ignition and it goes on and on, now it happens if driving over a speed bump, also the emergency brake light, lights...
It jumps out of overdrive into 3rd and stays while driving down the road