Steering & braking. Dealership doesn't know what the problem is.

Can I by-pass my air compressor for the serpentine belt. The pulley is bad and belt keeps slipping. My car is sitting at my job, would like to get it home to work on.

belt keeps slipping I'm assuming because the pulley bearing/clutch is bad. My car is stuck at my work need to get it home. So can I bypass the ac compressor?

6 months ago I noticed a whirring sound. Had it checked out and was told it's probably the power steering pump but that it doesn't HAVE to be replaced if I could stand the annoyance. However, the noise is getting louder and louder and is noticeable all the time. It gets louder as I accelerate. Now it seems ANOTHER loud noise is happening at the same time, especially on the highway. VERY LOUD. Sounds like my car is running high, not shifting properly(2500rpm @ 65mph)and is going to blow up. Have had all recommended maintenance done on my car in recent months. The only check engine light that has come on was right after we changed our battery and then it went off automatically a couple of days later.

Old battery was not holding load after being tested. Recommended to replace battery. Did so and started the car, no problem. Second time starting the car (only minutes later) resulted in the Check Engine Light to come on. Again, the vehicle started just fine. Third attempt to start the car and the light remained on. Some message boards indicate that a change to a new battery could cause the light to come on while other message boards say battery and check engine light are no where related. Any advice?

I need to recharge the battery with a battery charger. How can I tell where's the ground? I think it's on the positive side because there seems to be two cables connecting to that side. Am I guessing right ?

Sorry left this out of last post

Serviced only at the dealer only 5k out of warranty (65 instead of 60) the 100k/10 year is only for engine drive train... SURPRISE! Any options or opinions?

My car is a 2009 kia rondo and acts like tranny is slipping, tech says just dirty transmission fluid

Any other fuses hidden or relay switches?