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For the last few months I have noticed the air would suddenly blow hot for no reason, then come right back to cool. But more recently, it is blowing hot more often can cool. Restarting the car does not fix it. It just...
when i change the battery the odometer reading changed from kilometer to mile so how i can but it back to kilometer please
water pump need replacing at 60,000 miles when timing belt is?
I received a code say that it was a cylinder 3 miss fire. I changed the spark plugs and still doing it. Do I need to change the injector or the ignition coil? Kia Rondo Ex (6 cylinders)
The only way to get the car out of park and into drive is using the Shift Lock Release. What could the potential problem be?
my a/c dont work but my heat do
I took it to have the check engine code read, and confirmed that a spark plug is mis-firing. My question is this - where can I find decent diagrams of the wires and spark plugs so I can do the repair myself? I'm mec...
get a diagnostic check they found no leaks everything was good. Ask another person they said it's the low pressure switch so ( where is the low pressure switch located? )
what procedures are called for at 60000 miles? Does the timing belt need to be replaced?
ac out twice. recommend New kit or can replace with same part again it will may go out in 15000 or 20000 miles.is the ac cluch a defective origional part? was it a recall
does the rondo have a timing belt or chain. when is it recommeded for replacement.
Putting rear right passenger window down. Cable came loose from what it is attached to in bottom of door, screw still in the spring. Is this a defect?
I backed out in a gravel parking lot with some ice on it..the wheels spun and grabbed and I off I go.I noticed a light to the left of the steering wheel stayed on.it's kinda shaped like a U with an! in the middle.it w...
The owner's manual only says to change the Transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. It doesn't say anything about changing the filter??
My car began to start running rough and the engine light came on. I took the car to autozone and they connected it to the computer and it diagnosed it as being a misfire in the number 5 cylinder...I have been trying t...