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Satellite radio won't hold manual channel download. I have extended bumper to bumper and always had issues w/the signal (including FM!), dealership argues with me. Shouldn't that be warranty work?
When the car is cold the sound system works fine. After the car warms up and I turn the heater on. It gets warm in the car the I loss the audio from the sound system. If I turn the heat off and it cools down in the ca...
Has anyone else ever had a problem where when driving along the power cuts out and restricts you to drive to 30mph, even when putting foot fully down there is no response in acceleration . After 10/15mins of driving a...
I've visually inspected the door sensors and nothing appears to be damaged.
i just had cabin air filter changed and replace wiper blades my self
only comes on after long drives-dealer scanned several times same code for sensor #3 malfunction-replaced sensor-just replaced tpms module today-still have problem