I moved the tilt, I moved the steering wheel, I tried graffit spray nothing. Still want turn

Transmision don't shift and don't start be cause it's on drive

My 2009 has a faulty clock spring the dealership said I see there was a recall on clock springs in my model car but they say years 2006-2008 could my car have been manufactured in 2008

Blower fan turns off and on intermittently for almost a year - sometimes it'll turn on with ignition but not often. Sometimes it'll turn on suddenly while I'm driving but then once I turn the car off, the fan won't start back up again the next time I restart the car. Even if it's only been a few minutes. When the fan does turn on, AC and heat work fine and the fan will work on all speeds. But 85% of the time fan doesn't turn on. Checked fuses under hood and inside car and all are good. Cannot locate blower fuse relay though, only the fuse. Need to repair this myself to save money but don't know what else I can do diagnostically without having a multimeter or voltmeter.

My dealership refuses to acknowledge my transmission problems. It downshifts when the car comes to a stop.

My car revs up and down & the rpms needle moves up & down, like if I was putting my foot on the gas to make it rev. It happens when I'm sitting waiting and car is running (warming up) and in parked. but when I put car in park, it seems ok. No check engine light came on. Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

They want to charge me 600$ to repair a falty plug wire Md says it is a safety issues and they should fix it for free.

When I turn off ignition fan continues to run I have to play with ignition key going from on position to off to get it to stop. Have had Kia tech look at it several times says nothing is wrong. Well he is wrong can someone help

I have to move ignition key back and forth from on to off position to get it to stop have had Kia technician look at it several times says nothing is wrong I know he is wrong.

Our 2009 Optima will not shift out of park. Checked possible fuse problem, the ones I checked were fine. Really wasn't sure which one to check. Upon further investigation, with car running, I attempted to shift from park. In my attempts I noticed a clicking sound inside car from underneath near the firewall, it sounded almost like a relay kicking in and out. It wasn't a linkage type sound (like older cars with bent linkage hanging or rubbing). Any suggestions short of a KIA dealer mechanic.. If I know what to look for, I can fix it. This first time this has happened to me ever.