I am trying to determine if the problem is the motor(s) limit switches or operator
switch(s). For quite a long while the problem was intermittent. Now it's broke all the time.

It hesitates and is real sluggish going down the road and taken off and my turn signals and brake lights only work when they want to.

My air, defrost and heater does not blow out air.

Started very infrequently car won't accelerate over 25 or 40, if you pull over and turn it off and back on often it would go back to working just fine. Now it's happening most of the time. Check engine light does not come on. Error code state that it is accelerator position sensor. P0698, P2122 or 2121? dealership want overs 800 for the part?

I am having trouble with a shortage in my lighting. I am constantly replacing my low beams and tail lights. Now I have to replace my headlight. This problem began a year after I had my car however now it has become worse. I just thought the lights were bad at 1st. Now I realize there is something wrong with my lighting system. I'm thinking maybe there should be a recall on this..... Please help

I'm looking into buying a car that the year, make, and, model selected above and have been told that an auto technician recommended replacing the transmission because of a leak that can not be repaired. What are the approximate price ranges that can be expected in order to have this done?

The transmision will not shift. What would cause this?

Hi there,

My car came with P215/50/17 tires on alloy rims. This is a low profile tire, looks sexy but a bad idea. I live in the Northeast and in the last couple of winters the potholes are terrible and because the aspect ratio is 50, the tire does not have sufficient cushioning to absorb the impact and the rims get damaged which is very expensive to repair. I went to a tire place to ask to mount P215/65/17 tires on these rims and they refused. The only argument they had was that the larger front wheels may rub against the body during turns but there is at least 3-4 inch clearance right now, so why would this be a problem? I personally wonder if the car handling may be compromised. What do you think?


replaced passenger seat for $1,000. in 2012 and come to find a recall on airbag due to malfunctioning switch.

trunk door wont lock when closing it

it wont lock when trying to close it

As I was driving and went to turn right I lost the power steering for like 2 secs. and I noticed that the charging light had come on but went back off. Drove straight home after that. Was kind of spooky.

Initially brake pedal became mushy and brake light lit. I filled the brake fluid reservoir, but the brake pedal was still mushy and had to depress the brake pedal several times to get proper braking. The reservoir would have to be refilled daily. I could see brake fluid leaking from the left front side of the car. Doesn't appear to be coming from the calipers. Looks like it might be coming from the abs pump area. The bottom of the bracket that holds the pump assembly is wet, but not the top where the brake lines attach. However, the abs warning light does not light on the dash board, but it does light momentarily upon starting the car. I thought abs pumps never leak. Could it be a loose line?

The other day car wouldnt start almost an hr later it started no problem, then this morning it hesitated but started. bought the car used but dont know the maint. history...someone suggested tuneup, any ideas/suggestions?