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The battery was completely disconnected for 3 weeks timing is spot on, have fuel and spark. Does the ECU need to be reset or flashed? Why wont it start?
Missing. Say's #2 missfire & multiple misfire. This model year is split between 6 packs 1 4 each cyl, & 1 pack 4 all 6. My car has 1. Don't know what 2do. Maybe new computer?
Well it vibrates all the time mostly when I go under 40 miles and when I'm at a stop light and it bee idling high to sometimes please help I've been every where no one find nothing wrong with it
I have had to replace the crankshaft position sensor on my 2006 kia optima two times in the last 3 months. The mechanic said it was just a bad sensor, but after two new sensors there must be something else going on. ...
also it blows water out of the radiator cap and the reservoir .
didn take timing belt off to change crank sensor also changed both coil packs, no fire
Can stick the center bolt into the balancer n loose it will attempt to start..tightenedit only clicks when iignition is turned. Help
Swish sound when shifting from drive to park, when hot.
Where is the TPS located in the 2006.5
After diagnostic check the codes come up for faulty throttle body sensor
The seat belt is extended halfway and will not retract or extend. Totally stuck! Where do I go to get this fixed and does anyone know the approximate costs??? Thank You!
My air conditioner has gradually lost it's cool over the past couple of weeks. It now only blows hot air and there is a definite loud humming/wheezing sound when the fan is turned on. It goes away once I turn off the ...
It's hot and I really need not spend an arm and a leg to get this fixed!