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where is the reverse fuse located in the fuse box???
My transmission is staying in first gear while my RPM is EXTREMELY HIGH what does this mean?... Help
Does a2004 kia optima lx computer need to be reprogramed if you buy it used from a wrecking yard?
At 20000 miles the ai bag light came on, took the car back to the dealer and they said the probelm was a faulty connection and they claimed to fix it. At 25000 miles it came back on again and I was told the air bag as...
I have a automatic car started in it, and sometimes when i start the car, it makes a belt scratching noise. From time to time, while driving. it'll make a scratching belt noise, and its like the more I accelerate the ...
My second cylinder on my Optima is misfiring & would like the step by step instructions on doing it myself. Please suggest the best spark plugs & do they need to be gapped professionally or do most come pregapped? Thanx
I have a 2004 Kia Optima, and i have no idea how to turn the heat off. I have tried everything and even when I turn the car off and back on again, it is still running. What to do?
what other years of kias or models have the same fuse box
when i stop at a red light and try too take off again it seems too lose power not reach speed takes awhile to get it go at a normal speed. And sometimes it seems too get stuck in 3rpms and i have to let off the gas to...
Oil light comes on and off after the engine has been running a few minutes. Some times it comes on but just faintly. Oil level is good. Oil seems to be draining back to the pan ok. What's up?
hi please can some body help me to inform me to replacment of oil pressure sensor
Suddenly the driver door cannot be opened. Key actuates OK the electrical popping in and out of the knobs but door remains locked no matter what.
When turning the key in the lock, the door locking knobs pop in and out as they should, but the door remains locked.
I need to know where everything is located to do a tune up
my 2004 Kia Optima has suddenly had a huge loss in my mpg ratings. I had been getting 18 - 20 mpg and in one week it dropped to 8 - 9 mpg. Tire pressure is fine. I had an oil change and mentioned this to the mechan...