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Runs and starts fine after driving for awhile it slows down till it comes to a halt. After letting it cool down it will run normal for another while. Had the transmission oil changed still the same what can it be
I need to know if I have to remove the whole door panel, if I do, do you show the way to remove either the door panel, or speaker or both?
I had a new fly wheel and clutch kit put in now 2 weeks later there is a big puddle of transmission fluid under the car, what causes this.
have a 2004 kia optima that has a check engine light on and the ABS light. also this car had a collision on the right front fender area
Replace spark plugs double check gap double check for new order now car won't start
My Car hesitates when I go over 30 and really stalls going up any hill. could that be the throttle body sensor?
And the cost not becoming the customer concern.you have recalls on the part of this vehicle but not the door and there are over 100 hundred complaints about the same things.
car will not start starts if you spray gas into intake
what is the cause.just bouhgt.ran fine,then dealer said theres a code pending, possibly in egr. he put solenoid or something on but made it worse.now it sputters and hesitates when driven.
i think it was a p0134 code? cant get it 2 come back on. changed both cats & o2 sensors. still doing it. seems like it does it only when its above 75% outside. last time it did it, had 2 keep barely pressing gas 2 put...
I wouldn't mind upgrading. One of my original speakers has cracked.
This is the first time that this has happened. I started the car and there was a lull- I thought it was just me so I turned the car off and started the car again and it took a second for the ignition to start.
I have misplaced my owners manual and this is the first time I have had to replace one