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My car isn't starting and I think it is this sensor.
Took it to a garage, not sure they filled with Kia specific fluid!
Every connector every ground everything is hooked up properly please help I have exhausted every idea one of the engine coach is idle air control but I don't think that would cause all 12 of these codes
won't start some times. replaced the censor but that did not fix the problem
I have changed bulbs, fuses, and even the switch and my brake lights will not work. Are there more fuses behind the fuse box by driver side? Please help!!
belt appears to be on. no power steering or ac. This just started yesterday.
the blog mentions there is a diagnostic proceedure to find out if the catalytic converter is bad, I was unable to find it
m y car just cut off going down the road i put it on a computer and it read my crank sensor was bad i replaced the sensor and it still wont crank
just started happening. i got a new transmission, and new lower ball joints. all the fluid levels are fine. it sounds like it is coming from the steering wheel its self but i have no idea
my check engine light came on today but im due for a oil change and a filter too
that happened, now every time I start it it has half the power and makes kind of a clanking sound when I push the throttle down excessively
Tried to recharge air conditioner but apparently the charge leaked out. Compressor turns when the system is charged, but will not run the next day and pressure gauge shows low. What is the most likely cause?
Motor and fuse ok. Is there another fuse somewhere?