Drove over 200 miles and shows it is not ready did it twice now

What fits in a 2002 optima is a 2004 good

only way I can get the tail lights to go off is to is to take the batty cables off

Its happened before.was able to turn wheel move car put back in park.

Neither the inside no r outside handle will open the driver door !

I made the corrections that made my car fail smog test and I have driven my car over 200 miles and need to know how to reset the engine so I can get the smog test and pass

I remove the keys and the brake/tail lights will not go out. I have to disconnect the battery to get them to go out.

please help I don't have a lot of money

when pumping gas petal runs bad,fuelpumphas good flow?

we have 3 flashing code lights, need to pass smog

when I turn on thr air it blows nothing but heat why