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This just recently started. Code and cleared, re-occurring.
is been happening quite often. I park my , turn the keys off and the auto light turn the lights off , but after some time the light turn back on by itself!! Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
husband took off vapor charcoal canister. Is it normal for some charcoal to come out of the canister? Should I replace canister or can the fueling problems just be the canister vent valve which is a lot cheaper. Also ...
starter went out i replaced it cranks good but still not getting gas is there a fuel reset and where is it at. if not what can i do the fuel pump is not kicking in
Alreday replaced both oxygen sensors still have check engine light and these codes - sensor circuit bank 1 sensor and sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2
Car acts like it's not getting fuel and won't start. I had been on the freeway using the cruise control and suddenly the tach revved all the way to the right and then swung back and forth and then the car died. It's...
ac blows warm air, when running car sounds like indy race car
Then the car begins to bogg out like its going to die. Any thoughts?
Doing preventive maintenance on car and was wondering when to replace waterpump.
the engine spins but its free spinning sounds like broke timing belt but its not
what is the best way of bleeding the cooling system as there does not seem to any bleeding screws I think I may have an air lock as hot water is not circulating to the rear matrix and the matrix is not blocked . any ...
is there an easy way of removing the rear heater matrix or is it an inside job from the boot I HAD TO PUT IN OPTIMA MODEL AS IT DOES NOT LIST SEDONA
will turn over but won't crank and have no spark at the spark plugs