Mercury Milan Problem Report

Mercury Milan Key Will Not Come Out of Ignition

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If the key will not come out of ignition, this may be related to problems with the shifter knob sticking and / or binding of the shifter bezel. Replace the shifter knob and / or shifter bezel as needed.

Key will not come out of the ignition, car will not completely shut off - killing battery. -
problem with the shifter gear. -
My key got stuck in the ignition too. But I was lucky that I was able to turn the car on/off, so it was drivable. I replaced the battery during this time, because I was told it consumes battery life and I got the shifter knob replaced. After, my key came out fine and was great again. The part is a whole piece and costs me about $200 from the Ford Dealership. -
Key stuck for a few days then wouldnt even come out of park -
Key will not come out of ignition when turned. -
The key will not come out of ignition. Took apart shift and found that the car is not making connection in gear when the shift is in park. Took apart the electronic connector and key will come out. It seems there is a fault in the gear when it is in park and will not allow the key to be removed, because the sensor thinks the car is not in park. -
Key would not come outof ignition. Went to dealer - the got it out but said only that now it's OK. -
Unable to remove ignition key, I removed trim around consul shifter and the consul housing and the bezel at the base of shifter was extended out past a plastic stop plate which prevented the shifter from locking into park thus preventing the ignition key from totally enjaging into its final poaition which enables it to be removed. I pushed the bezel pin in to its original position and this will suffice for a short time before the problem repeats. I have done this about 3 times in the last couple of weeks until I find the solution-hopefully I can do it myself. -
The bezel broke inside the shifter and caused the shifter knob/ button to bind. This would not allow me to remove the key from the ignition, I pulled the bezel out of the shifter and the knob released and I was able to remove the key from the ignition. -
Key stuck and will not come out. Same issue. Steering column does not lock and I don't hear the click that you normally do when turning it off. Going to shop in the morning! Wondering how much this should cost to repair. -
Started as not being able to remove the key all the time and now have trouble geting it out of park. -
Key is stuck in the ignition. -
key would not come out of ignition, and withing the same hour i was unable to put the car in park. -
cannot remove key from igniton -
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