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When I put on the air conditioning, cool air is blowing out of my drivers side vents but hot air is coming out of passenger's side and back seat vents.
.... is invalid. What does the file name and extension need to be?
Its a push button start and recently (the past few weeks) it has had increasing problems starting up every time. It will crank and try to start but does not start. I keep trying and eventually it will start and will...
Passenger side ac on 2011 Grand Cherokee Overland does not work. Took it to dealer. Gear driving blending door is broken. Dealer says I need to buy a whole assembly for $287.50 They then will remove the gear from the ...
The starter is getting burnt and the engine has ceased
locking the car and sometimes the lights will flash as well...help any suggestions
On Dec. 10, I drove my new red GC Laredo off the lot. On Jan. 10, I put on my new plates, and five hours later, the vehicle died as I exited the freeway. Now I've been told it had a major malfunction and a new engin...