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Happens once in awhile, 2 times in 3 weeks.
I took it in for a tune up. When I got it back it had this problem. There are no codes showing no engine light displayed. It's occurs intermittently rather I'm driving 30 or 60 any ideas
i refilled the AC gas and compressor oil and i checked if there is any leak in the AC gas and there is no leak. i tried the DTC MODE - MTC SYSTEM and i also disconnected the battery and still having the same probl...
Problem seems to cycle - driving along, suddenly the check engine light comes on along with the electronic throttle control warning light, as the temp gauge drops to zero - which triggers the Check Gauges warning ligh...
it just started the other day i dont know why my esp light is on my obs light is on and oi need to know why
Should I follow the maintenance schedule in the Owner's Manual or do what the dealer is selling for $589? The manual description is much shorter and cheaper than what the dealer is offering.