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This sounds like playing card when put on a bicycle spoke. I've had different people say different things it could be, CV joint or drive shaft. I'm on a fixed income & can't afford to take it to a dealer. Any help I c...
When turning wheel I hear a faint swishy sound, happens when turning wheel right or left.
Dash Lights will not com on I do have light on mileage gauge and info gauge
Had a bad tire on front that caused truck to sway right to left very bad, replaced the two front tires but can still feel a very slight sway at low speed
Says lift is open even when closed. Have had to turn off all interior lights when driving cause dome light will stay on. In dark its hard to read gages. Been unplugging battery at night so I don't drain battery
The climate control knobs and face vents all blow air if 8 unplug and really plug the battery but only for about 20 minutes.
The temp knob works fine on the driver's side. The temp. Knob on the pass. Side stop to stop low stop warm, full hot stop hot,hot.
had the car checked about a month ago for same problem. They couldn't find any problem
the car will not start with the keyless entry
Whats the going rate to replace a transmission on an 08 SRT8? I have the replacement, just need to know how much I should expect to pay to have it swapped. Its the Mercedes NAG1 722.6 W5A580.
Engine malfunction light has been appearing and disappearing. 2008 has 105,000 miles and dealer said catalytic converter needs to replaced for $1650 and out of warranty at 80,000 miles. Any options to replace cheape...
During below zero weather, the driver side rear view exterior mirror cracked down the middle. How much would it cost to have it replaced
I went in for a normal oil change and the service person at the dealiership told me I need to get 4WD service performed even if I never used the 4WD. I'm a little over 21,000 miles and never got the service with my pr...
I purchased a Jeep at an auction with only 1 key. These use the FOBIC key with the built-in chip. The jeep dealer wants 150 to purchase a key plus 20 to program plus tax totaling nearly $200. To buy a key online co...