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I cannot find what this warning alert means in the Jeep manual. Does anyone know the definition of "Entretien Programme??
This occurred after maintenance of the exhaust system and it is worse when the weather is cold. It lessens in warm weather. It was not a problem before the shop put installed new exhaust system. The reason they said t...
When the lights are off the left brake light works, the right does not. When the lights are on both tail lights work fine. When brake applied, the left side shuts off entirely and the right side does not brighten. T...
doesn't make the sound when outside temp is below freezing. Had the power steering pump fluid changed. Didn't help. Can feel a slight drag on the steering when the moaning sound occurs.
took it back to the dealer i bought it from and the macacic had replaed sevearll bad lines on the emission lines and some of the vacume lines i now believe the gass filler might be bad are he has not ofound the line...
Pep boys says we have to replace the whole module Costing like $600 or so dollars Cause they have to order it from the factory. Is this true?
This just started yesterday morning. I was told that my front strut was leaking...could this have anything to do with the noise?