Transmission changes good no noise fluid level is good

When the temp drops below 46f the jeep struggles to start, it cranks ok but it takes a few attempts at glowing the plugs. If it gets colder 37f and below it just won't start at all unless I use easy start. Have had all the usual checks done, battery, fuel, plugs, injectors, starter & sensors. Does anyone have any idea?

my car start but it looks not working perfect i check the code it was P1391

just started

Put a new idle control senor in and its is still stalling while driving. stall everytime I drive

The connecter to my fan relay, that connects to the fan relay not the relay itself but the connector to the relay keeps burning up

Rust has started in the driver's side door. How to I keep it contained and how do I fix it?

The tire sensors keep going bad and giving inaccurate reports. How can this be fixed?

Sometimes after I drive my Jeep Grand Cherokee the tires will have a burning smell. Why is this?

Need front brakes

The seat is electrical; the electrical still works, its more like the base broke. The base is broke - the seat sits slanted even after I raise it higher.

I just recently had a transmission repair/replace and the engine light is now coming on. Is the transmission a part of the engine?

So two weeks ago my car was in the shop for a new starter because i was out at the store and it didn't want to start. I finally got it back this last week and in the parking lot of some store didn't want to start again. So i got it towed took the battery out apparently the battery was no good so I got a new one. So my car is still sitting in my drive way still wont turn on and i just replaced my starter rely on it today to see if that was it but it still wont start. I honestly don't know what to do anymore?

Jeep will crank over but will not start.