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I change the battery cable ends still won't start.
just replaced the computer in it and also the low coolant light comes on when the coolant is full...
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was in a low speed accident that deployed both airbags and I am just interested to see if it's worth repairing
Had misfires changed all 8 spark plugs and coils but still have code p0356
It doesn't matter if it in neutral or put it in drive if u give it gas an let off it dies like u turn it off
While driving, my car will wobble and, well, sway a bit. I was told that my sway/stabilizer bar needs replaced. I am curious as to how much it would cost? All parts plus labor. Thank you
Been ticking for the last 3 years now a tapping sound
pass / side cold air drvr's side any temp you wanted. found out dlr weanted $ 1300 plus estemated. jcg.com sells kit w/instructions did it myself for 150.00.
sometimes whistle worst in morn after about amile of driving> if i drive it hard in morning the whistle is loud enough for people to stop and stare
Hi, my name is Ramon, I have a 2002 grand cherooke lorado. I have a code 1494, I have changed the purge solenoid, the leak detection pump, fuel pump, fuel vapor canister and have check for leaks so I am pretty sure I ...