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When I got the car it needed a jump, and started right up, after sitting for months. I even drove it home a 1 mile away, no problem. Now I have a new battery and maybe a gallon of gas in the car, but when I start it...
Seems like 1 or 2 cylinders aren't firing. It's the 4.0 6 cyl. Could it be the "computer" ? Crank sensor was replaced long ago. Thanks for any suggestions.
Replaced spark plugs, filter, sensors.
could I possibly have something going on with my suspension? I don't know too much about suspensions so I'm wondering if I have overlooked something.
The whistling starts after 20 mins, and gets louder.
seems to only make noise once truck is in drive
All other lights work fine. When headlights are turned on only the turn signal, break, and backup lights work
filter spins onto the motor mount doesn't look to difficult what about the oil thingy mind you I can fix anything I just don't have the vocabulary to get the right thing to be able to fix it.. so what am I fixing an...
The pump is going out and leaking at the back hose.I plan on replacing them both but was wondering if I'd be able to move my current reservoir and conitue its use with a new pump or just get a new reservoir with the n...
Abs light brake lights go on and off Engine light on Overheated then started to work fine Speed gage goes all the way up then dead