smoking after driving for 5 minites

instrument cluster started working intermittently. car still ran normal.disconnected battery checked all connections fuses to see if clean and tight.connected battery starts right up every time runs for four seconds shuts down do not have security key system

I turn my engine off and my car continues to run.

My jeep grand cherokee dashboard is going out, could it be my alternator?

My air doesn't work, but my heat works just fine. What could be the problem with my air conditioning?

it started 3 days ago.

The brake light is lite on my dash. When I press on my brakes the pedal goes right to the floor. My brake fluid level is fine and my pads are new.

Problem started all of a sudden after running perfectly for the last year.

I added fluid in the morning and by the evening it was low again

shifting is normal in all other gears, fuild looks good, no burnt smell or discoloration. i have however been getting a trouble code for random cylinder misfire.

gas it will shift and somewhat recover my codes read 3 out 4 os are bad and 5outa6 cyl misfiring. if i change out the os will the cyl misfire dissapear? it also seems to have gas in the oil and just bellows out smoke not to mention 6.1 mpg

the gas it shifts and recovers still running rough my codes say 3out of4 os are bad an 5 out of 6 cyl. misfiring. do you think that changing the os will stop the misfire? i also seem to have gas in the oil?so it just bellows out smoke and gets 6.1 mpg?i havent done much new plugs and coil bar so far

Sensor 2 different parts? How long does it take a shop to replace it?