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off. Now after 20 mins. car want start. And when it starts, it hesitate to go.When it's below 35 degrees it gives me no problem. I have spent a lot of money and still the problem is not solved.
Numerous mechanics can not track down the issue due to the lack of consistency or pattern. I hear guesses of body control module and wiring in the front doors.
Changed spark plugs and fuel filter
Power comes into the transmission relay switch for a couple of seconds then throws code ( not sure but I think its 753 and the mechanic told me it goes into limp mode) and then kills the power. We have replaced the t...
going to replace heater core. windows fog up,condensation releases threw vent
Trying to buy tires for a jeep online I need specifics on which rims are right and then which tires will fit those rims
after the heater core was replaced stering wheel put back in turn the keys. The keys won't click back, and jeep won't crank.
I replaced the bulb and the brake light comes on but when I press on brakes the light goes out , what am I looking for so I can fix the problem before it becomes a bigger problem . I have a children , so I need to kee...
how to fix a sunroof that leaks onto the driver and passenger side floorboards
I replaced the radiator and thermostat.
the carpet is soaked on the right side and the engine coolant light came on saying the it was low. Smells like antifreeze. What is the problem?