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when i accelerate the mileage disappears and the brake and abs lights come on..when i brake the AIR BAG light comes on and dings really loud.. the radio was still working saying it was playing a song on the 10 disc cd...
Will a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee loradeo windshield be the same size as a 1999 jeep grand Cherokee windshield?
The dashboard will work for about a minute and then stop work and I have tried testing the battery and its not that. Any help please???
Pulled everything off to get to and replace my timing chain guide. After putting everything back together I noticed my engine sounding like it's in some sort of bind and after running for about 30 seconds a strange s...
It would die a lot but now it will not even stay started
Panel says driver door open, when its closed
Do I need a new fan or are there other things to check first?
Can I cut open the holder to repair or do I need a new wiring holder and where do I find one???
I have a fj80 toyota landcruiser. Put in three starters. It only will start 1x then i pull the starter and put it back in and it starts again. any ideas on what this may be from??????? Help I am at my end