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while I drive down the road or press the brake to stop their is air like swishing (been told I need a brake booster replaced)the past two days when I press the brake all the way down it makes my jeep stall out. or idl...
Not a new problem, had it for years. I disconnect the battery to put the light off long enough to get the car inspected.. Its back on in a very short time though. Thank you ! Don
Need to replace it. Can I buy a used one
It wont start or turn over the next day. If its jumped ive been able to get it running
Get it jumped and it will start.other lights come on when running
my 1997 jeep grand Cherokee will start and run but after while will die and take awhile to restart. ive replaced the distributor cap and rotor, plugs/wires, and ignition coil. only thing I haven't replaced is distribu...
After I fill my jeep up and drive for a while my fuel gage jumps from full to empty and makes my fuel light come on and beep. Then it will go right back to full and then right back to empty. The beeping gets very anno...
I need cv joints for my Jeep. What would be an honest price for this job and how many hours would it take? It is a 4WD
anyone at this site know anything about repairing a 4x4 front axle ?
When the A/C blows hot air I can turn the temp selector all the way to hot and then back to cold and it starts blowing cold air again. This problem stays fixed for about 30 minutes while driving then it happens again....
Check engine light scanned for codes and it said injector 10 failure.?..I have a v8