I checked fuses grounds and circuit board on cluster everything looked fine

junped car battery takes a charge.will not idle

overheating temp gage stays at 210

My ceiling was wet as well , but today just the floors in the front were wet after it rained. Where would this be coming from?

I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V-8, and when you put it into R,
it seems like it does not have enough power to go. and if I shift it down to N,
it drive normally like D

I need to know why my jeep grand Cherokee 1996 5.2l v8 makes a knocking noise when I drive and speed up. But at idle it doesn't make the knocking noise. If in park and revved up it doesn't make the noise either.

The folks at the dealership said i needed to do this, but they say lots of things.

In the morning my jeep will not shift out of first gear until the engine hits 4000 rpm and I lift off the gas pedal. In the afternoon it is sluggish on acceleration it won't start moving until 1650 rpm. Please help can't afford a new transmission.

Hops when brakes applied when driving or hitting bump. No front end suspension or steering (Pitman arm) etc, moves until drives passes 6 inches of play column into gearbox moves but movement gets lost in box.