ok. previous owner said done this for years

it wasnt bad at first but now oil comes out a whole lot mostly on the passenger side.can you help

Ain't getting fire won't start

I have a 1995 jeep grand cherokee Laredo 2 wheel drive. Will a transmission out of a 1997 jeep grand cherokee 4 wheel drive fit in my 1995?

Just like to know ig the rear and front spring coils will sit fine

a message comes on saying to service 4 wheel drive switch

it happens like every other day or when im driving it for less then a hour could it be the filter is cloged ?

after putting in gear the front drive shaft turns but the jeep is setting still and will not move

It takes about 15 min to start jeep I get in turn key security light comes on I hear relays click Nd a few min later I hear fuel click the after 10 min fuel pump kicks in and I can start jeep what do ya think pcm pump is new new relays were else should I look

now it wont shift out of first at all when it was shifting it shifted through the restof the gears fine whats wrong do i need a new transmission