Unless I'm giving it a decent amount of gas it is extremely hard to steer (no power steering) I have to be going above about 15-20 MPH. Someone told me my power steering pump might be bad now??? Help

Information flashing alarm 4WD Switch
What and wear is the switch?

is my battery done, ? charging it isnt really doing anything,,clicks starts again turn off engine no power to stero or door locks surity light comes on when running

There is a deep ruble when I start my jeep and a clatter when it runs
Sounds likes interning in the exhaust
Just replaced cat and muffler 3 months ago can't hear anything from the engin bay, only in the cab

Fuse for alternator blew after being replaced 1 wk ago, charged battery on a charger for 4 hours, and now it won't turn over at all

I put bigger tires on my Jeep and since then when I turn the steering wheel the front end clicks a toe bar was installed to correct the problem but it still clicks

At any speed or gear

What could cause this to happen. Is this a common issue. How much would it cost to repair this issue.

Front right/passengerside tire wobbles and boot is ripped on both sides. What is it tie rods, bearings,???

For about 5 weeks now. I've had trouble with my car. In the first three of the five, at least once a week, my car has stopped when I was sitting at a stop light..just stopped, no churn or anything as a warning. It did start immediately, though. Then the last couple of weeks, it has died with some gurgling (the best way I can explain it) in the middle of traffic and I had to turn it over twice to get it started. I have had it at the dealer's twice, the first time for two full days, this time it has been in since yesterday. They could not find a reason for the behavior the first time. Can you give me any suggestions for the cause. I have used only the highest octane since I purchased the vehicle in 1993. Thanks! Ruth

In the past 4 months I've had to replace the engine control computer twice had anyone else have this problem or does it ha e to do with the electrical